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A clever little critter who loves to be center of attenion. Bonehead has no arms, but he can still run amuck everywhere he goes. He may not be the brightest of the monster bunch, but he IS one of the most loveable. Always looking for news ways to get into trouble, would you be the one to join him?

Status: Available for Custom Order

Price: $15

Devious D
The rumors may be true; Devious was banished from his home below by "you know who" for being SO obnoxious that nobody down there could stand him! Leaving a trail of carnage and chaos on earth, his self gratifying ways burned him a path into the Grusome Graveyard. He found new friends there that finally accepted him and his volatile personality. Can you keep up with this little fire starter?

Status: Available for Custom Order

Price: $20

Once just a mere goldfish, Gills fate was sealed during a terrible fishbowl accident. He avoided being devoured by the massive cat that caused the ruckus, but was left for dead and flushed down the toilet. Dumped into an industrial parks run off sewage, he mutated into the lovable critter he is today.

Out to avenge all fish flushed and forgotten, Gill abides his time in the Gruesome Graveyard chatting with friends and taking frequent dips in the local pond.

Status: Not Available

Price: $18


It's said Grim had the biggest heart out of all the creatures in the Grusome Graveyard. However, no matter how hard he tried to gain the affections of his beloved, he was turned away. Dead flowers, moldy candies, and rotting rats could not sway the one he loved. Instead of bearing the grief, he removed his heart and tossed it away...

It's also said that one person's love can grow it back, maybe you can try?

2015 Update: Made from top quality polar fleece fabric.

Status: Available for Custom Order

Price: $20

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